Friday, June 13, 2008

Jejak Kasih...Taukua Rendang

Hahahaha..I've to start off with laughter cause I never knew I could be this crazy..well I am not that sane either (hehehe) but to snap photos of my food in public area like's new..

Well..I did went back to Penang last weekend as I told in my earlier post..well..I did went to ate the Taukua you should have guessed..

I was too shy to shy to get a much closer shot of the Taukua Rendang seller in action..ahaks

Did I come close??? Well let's compare..hehehe

the mamak's..


Hah this is the Ais Nyoq/Kelapa Campur..

While at this, we walked down to the Cendol guy a few blocks away and passed some shops selling all kinds of stuff when my hubby suggested that we come again next month for some street shopping cos we never got the chance to do any kind of shopping in Penang everytime we were back. It's all about visiting relatives. So InsyaAllah if that happens, I'll try to put on a thick face and pretend like some tourist from other states and clicks away.


MamaAfiq said...

ahak..Taukua rendang tak besa dengaq..cucoq udang tau la.. hehe..

nora ariff said...

tk pernah dengaq pasai hang tu bkn pure tanjung..hang minah seberang..