Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have so much passion in cooking. I love watching cooking shows, read cooking blogs, read recipe books and anything to do with cooking, I just love it. I really enjoy cooking for my family, friends and relatives. It’s just the cleaning up soon after is something that I don’t really fancy. So that portion of it I sub-con to my daughters all the

One of the meals that my family enjoys and not much cleaning up to do after is Spaghetti. I always use Prego Spaghetti Sauce that comes in the canned. It has a much more Malaysian kind of flavours. I don’t really like my sauce to be so tomatoed so I will normally add a few ingredients to enhance the flavours according to my taste.

The sauce.. What I’ll do is I will melt some butter in the pot and add diced onions, saute till fragrant and brown then add minced meat. Once cooked, I will put about 1tbs of chilli paste and mushrooms. Pour in the Prego sauce and ½ canned of Campbell’s tomato soup. Add water to desired thickness and melt in 3 to 4 slices cheddar cheese into the sauce. I also put in chilli sauce and add a bit of salt and ½ of chicken cube. My family loves the sauce cooked up this way..sour, creamy and a hint of spiciness all in one.


MsCinderella said...

Askum...salam kenal...:)

nak tanya la banyak mana guna sos prego tu? satu tin ker?menarik saja tgk spageti tu :)

nora ariff said...

sos tu guna sumer sekali 1 ditambah plak ngan soup tomato kimball 1/2 tin..cuba la buat..

MamaAfiq said...

aha.. terlioq tgk.. nt bila2 p rawang nak request hang masak ni..
laksa johor tau masak dak..kalau ada recepi n hang dah try pls publish kay.. nak try

nora ariff said...

kena mai kerap asyik dok terperuk kt pulau hang tu ja..
laksa johor aku tk pernah buat lagi n tk kan buat kot..aku ni renyah2 kalo aku M la